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". Our group has, with conviction, supported the motion that was rejected a moment ago. It is now immediately obvious to the electorate which Members wish to expose the mismanagement and deception on the part of the present Commission and which Members wish to cover it up or are not interested in it. The mealy-mouthed and abortive reform, the accounting system’s obsolescence and vulnerability to fraud and the Eurostat affair are just three examples that speak volumes. They illustrate that what the Committee of Wise Men concluded back in 1999 also applies to this Commission, namely that there is hardly anyone within the Commission who is willing to accept any responsibility. It makes a mockery of democracy in Europe and is a denial of Parliament's rights when members of the Commission do not act, but do not step down either. If the Commission rebuffs Parliament when it performs its primary task of budgetary control, we have no choice but to send it packing. If we failed to do so, we would not be taking ourselves seriously, or the citizens who have voted for us. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the so-called European Constitution is merely window-dressing, to conceal to the citizens what is going on in the EU and how their interests are being trifled with. The motion of no-confidence was a means of bringing the curtain down on the Prodi Commission’s faltering performance and marks the beginning of an open culture in which everyone takes their responsibility seriously."@en1

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