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". My vote against the motion of censure does not mean that I support the Commission, or that I am unaware of the seriousness of the situation. My group, the Union for Europe of the Nations, has on many occasions sought to clarify the Eurostat affair and we continue to do so. It is also true that I have voiced my criticism of Mr Prodi, the President of the Commission, particularly since November 2003, for openly interfering in internal Italian politics and in European party politics, thereby relinquishing the independence he should always maintain. For this reason alone, the President and his Commission deserves Parliament’s political censure. It is, nevertheless, entirely wrong to vote on a motion of censure at this time, at the very end of a legislative term and with the Commission’s mandate also coming to an end, and many commissioners arriving and leaving. The process of the motion has also been adversely affected by these circumstances. I therefore feel that the vote on the motion would not have any genuine political impact. It would appear totally out of step and inconsistent, and would be virtually meaningless to the public."@en1

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