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". In July 2003, the Commission laid off Eurostat’s management in response to the persistence of the fraud cases that had been known about for a long time. I immediately demanded that the facts be published. It is pointless to ask institutions dependent on the Commission to institute an inquiry if they subsequently have to keep their findings secret. Only when public opinion is well informed and can help pass judgment can fraud, self-enrichment and nepotism be prevented in future. Investigation by Parliament makes that possible. Even though a secret report was submitted to the members of the Committee on Budgetary Control at the end of September 2003, the Commission can still act as if it does not carry any responsibility. The person primarily responsible, Commissioner Solbes, has meanwhile become minister in the new Spanish Government. There is no evidence to show that the problems that forced the previous Commission to step down before the elections five years ago have well and truly ended. To illustrate the seriousness of the situation and to ensure that the next Commission will be required to address the problems, I am voting in favour of the motion of censure today. The fact that the Greens, previously in opposition, turned against this in the previous meeting, with the aim to prove their administrative reliability, makes it no less necessary to continue the fight against fraud."@en1

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