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". The is in favour of the motion of censure against the Commission, on the understanding that it is demonstrated that the Commission has failed to take responsibility in the Eurostat case. The responses to Parliament’s questions were not all conclusive, nor were individual responsibilities assigned. According to the President of the Commission, Mr Prodi, past affairs, such as the Cresson case, as a result of which the Commission stood down, are well and truly behind us, or, if they occur, will at least be dealt with more correctly. However, the Eurostat case has demonstrated that there is still no culture of accountability. The Commission ought to consider this rather than levelling criticism at MEPs who wish to clarify what happened in the Eurostat scandal. When voters in various Member States opt out and no longer wish to take part in the European Parliament elections, then that is mainly attributable to the attitude taken by the Commission in matters such as the Eurostat case. What the electorate demands of the European institutions, and rightly so, is more transparency, more accountability and more democratic legitimacy."@en1

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