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". On this great day, on which Europe is reunited, we are better than ever enabled to judge the gulf between the noble objectives of the European Union and the way it is actually managed from one day to another. In fact, at the same time as welcoming ten new Members States, eight of which the Soviet Union had kept shut off from the rest of the world, we have been obliged to vote on a motion of censure aimed at penalising the Commission for one of the many troubled episodes that have occurred throughout its history. This is a day for harmony, which ought not to have been disturbed by such a punishment, but it is the Commission itself that is responsible for this, having allowed the affair to drag on for years. This affair has not, however, turned up at completely the wrong time. We have just heard the new Members from the countries of the East calling for a Europe with more regard for national sovereignty. Affairs like Eurostat, with its labyrinthine byways, and also the issue of GMOs, which has also been raised today in the context of the approval of the new Commission, are what happens when European institutions believe themselves to be superior to nations and end up being out of control. There is one conclusion to be drawn from all these affairs, and that is that we must work to achieve a Europe that is better controlled by its nation-states."@en1

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