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"Mr President, the Members belonging to the and the may have voted for this motion of censure, but they are not fooled. The Eurostat scandal has been known about ever since mid-2003, and it is astonishing that it is only now, with the European elections a month away, that Members of this House are waking up to it. We have been barred from signing the motion of censure, even though certain signatories had no problem with it being signed by sympathisers with Communism and Trotskyism; we therefore suspect that this is an electoral subterfuge on their part. If the motion of censure had been adopted, improbable though that is, the Commission’s term of office would in any case have ended in October, while it would still have been dealing with day-to-day business. Why did it not attack Commissioner Monti for his handling of competition policy in the Schneider and Alstom cases? Why did it not draw attention to the other cases of fraud committed against the Community Budget, the diversion of funds and peddling of influence in the Blue Dragon case? By intervening now, those Members who signed the motion have attempted to carry out a minor internal political operation, which is, alas, far from being commensurate with the gravity of the situation."@en1

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