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"Mr President, I voted in favour of the motion of censure because I believe that this Commission has failed to deliver the reforms it was asked to get on with five years ago. We have had fine words, a lot of wind and bluster from the Commissioner in charge of reforms, Mr Kinnock, but it seems that although the Commissioner can talk the talk he has failed to walk the walk. I was elected on a manifesto commitment to fight fraud and maladminstration and it is very difficult to explain to my voters, the good people of Louth and Horncastle or of Derbyshire, why for ten years the accounts have not been signed off by the European Court of Auditors. These problems are significant and typified by Eurostat and have failed to be addressed. This motion of censure is not just about Eurostat but about the management culture that this exhibits, which goes unchecked. Mr Solbes might well have gone, but the lack of political responsibility within the Commission remains. This Commission deserves to be censured and future Commissioners need to know that they will be made politically responsible for the actions of those they direct."@en1

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