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". It is disgraceful that the parliamentary Left continues to delay the conclusion of the EU/USA Agreement on the handling and transfer of data contained in Passenger Name Records (PNR), based on what was negotiated by the Commission and suitably explained and clarified several times, both in committee and in plenary, particularly in the previous sitting. Missing the point entirely, those on the left continue to create conflict between security and freedom, suggesting that they prefer freedom to security. They ignore the fact that there is no freedom without security. They show contempt for the rule of law in force, both in the European Union and in the USA. Most tellingly, they forget that, faced with the terrible threat of modern-day terrorism on a world scale, it is essential that we safeguard both the security and the freedom of our citizens and cooperate closely with countries that are our friends and allies. In the forthcoming European elections, the citizens will, hopefully, rally to the defence of their freedom and security, and mete out electoral punishment to a left wing that has no idea what it is doing."@en1

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