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"From the Chair, it seems that I am now being presented with a mountain of advice which I do not require! This is the vote, not a debate. *** That concludes the vote. There are some misunderstandings here. Last part-session we voted to refer this matter to the European Court of Justice. That has been done. No vote today can alter the fact that the matter has been referred to the Court. I shall take no more speakers on this. You heard a speaker for and a speaker against. We shall now vote on whether we accept the request for urgency. Permit me to point out that Mrs Boogerd-Quaak, as rapporteur, correctly observed that not all language versions were available, particularly as regards the languages of several of the new Member States. As a parliament, We anticipated that we may from time to time find ourselves with such a problem. Mr Dell'Alba's report on the Rules of Procedure established a Rule 117a which allows for a transitional arrangement in this regard. I should like to underline a point for the future: if you start to set a precedent of playing the language game in order to block votes, you are going to be faced with the worst imaginable gridlock and headache. ***"@en1
"Motion of censure on the Commission (B5-0189/2004 ) B5-0189/2004"1

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