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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I take the opposite view. As you will be aware, the current practice is for airline passengers’ details to be forwarded in order to prevent and combat terrorism, but it all happens without a legal basis, and so it is illegal. It is for that reason that we must aim to bring this illegal and unregulated situation to as speedy an end as possible and to combat terrorism effectively. You will be aware that it was not least at the insistence of this House that the Commission entered into negotiations, and these have produced a creditable result. Much of what we called for has been incorporated in this draft agreement. There is room for further work on it, but it does, as a basis for an agreement, enable us in future to transmit, on a legal basis, data needed in the fight against terrorism from the European Union to the USA. That is what we should be aiming to do; we can then carry on working on an agreement. We will continue to monitor its progress and can always appeal to the ECJ in the event of any agreement being breached, but our aim must be to establish, now and as quickly as possible, a contractual status, a legal basis, that will enable us to take proper action in the interests of our citizens’ safety and in combating terrorism. That is why I am in favour of this being put on the agenda as a matter of topical and urgent importance."@en1

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