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". Mr President, the request for urgent procedure cannot be accepted by Parliament as the Council has not forwarded to Parliament a text to which the international agreement makes reference, namely the Commission's draft decision on adequacy, declaring that passengers' data are adequately protected by the US; nor has it received the so-called undertakings by the US administration. In other words, we still have no guarantee that European passenger data transferred to the US will not be passed on to third countries. This is the first vote of the new enlarged Parliament, the only democratically elected institution that represents 450 million citizens. The Council is asking us to vote with closed eyes on a question that relates to our fundamental rights. If we accept this request, Parliament cannot be taken seriously. In addition, there is a procedural defect in that translation into the new languages is not available. I ask you to withdraw this item and also to respect our referral of the matter to the Court of Justice."@en1
"Boogerd-Quaak (ELDR ),"1

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