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". It is appalling that a majority of Members of this House is determined to adopt the so-called European Constitution. As we have stated on many occasions, this Constitution is an attempt to extend capitalist integration in the European Union still further, which clearly consolidates the federal nature of the Community’s institutions and the dominant position of the major powers in the decision-making process, including unacceptable primacy over national constitutions. The Constitution will also launch the institutional bases of militarisation, by establishing a European Armaments Agency, which is intended ultimately to create a political-military bloc, in conjunction with NATO. It is a project to which we are opposed and which we criticise in the strongest terms, also because of the way in which it restricts the ways forward for Europe, by imposing neo-liberalism as the sole solution and by establishing the primacy of competition as the guiding principle. We are thus forced to fight to defend derogations relating to public services, whilst they ought to be an absolute priority, a key instrument towards ensuring that human rights are respected and that we establish a Europe based on economic and social cohesion and solidarity. We will continue to fight for an alternative Europe that respects the inalienable rights of the people of each Member State to shape their own future, one that respects national constitutions and one that is in keeping with the principle that States are sovereign and have equal rights. We will campaign for a referendum in Portugal before the draft Constitution is ratified."@en1

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