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"Mr President, like my fellow Member Mr Peterle before me, I would like to express my pleasure that I am able to speak as a representative of the Republic of Slovenia, as a new Member State, in my Slovenian mother tongue. On the basis of my experiences of taking part in the Convention and my experiences during my one year stint as an observer in the European Parliament, I am absolutely convinced that it is crucially important that the European Constitution be adopted and implemented as soon as possible. The fundamental legitimacy of this exceptional document, which is without equal anywhere in the world, lies in the fact that it was accepted by a consensus in the Convention after lengthy preparations and discussions with the broadest possible participation of the national and European parliaments, governments, the European Commission, the civil service, social partners and others. Furthermore, I am firmly convinced that the early adoption and implementation of the European Constitution is a prerequisite for the effective, democratic and transparent functioning of the enlarged European Union. It is a prerequisite for the achievement of values and goals and also for the rapid and socially just development of a united Europe. The Constitution is vital if everyone's high expectations are to be fulfilled. This is particularly true in the new Member States. It is also important if the European Union is to play a greater role and if its social market model is to develop sustainably in the global world. Finally, with its assurance of balance in the functioning of the institutions of the European Union and particularly the enhanced role of the European Parliament and national parliaments, the European Constitution is an important condition for actually bringing the European Union and its citizens closer together. I therefore call upon the governments to demonstrate both courage and responsibility by adopting the final treaty as soon as possible at the Intergovernmental Conference, and, if possible, during the Irish Presidency, which has shown exceptional sensitivity and commitment."@en1

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