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"Mr President, I am very pleased to be here with you speaking Slovene and, with the voting card of a Member of the European Parliament, to be enjoying a time when history is smiling on us. It smiled when the Berlin Wall fell, when human dignity was returned to the people of the new democracies, and when we were building an independent and democratic Slovenian State. Remembering the victims of totalitarianism in Europe, I am grateful to all those who have contributed to the European democratic movement. I am particularly grateful to you, ladies and gentlemen, for all your support and solidarity. The success and stability of the European Union will depend on what we do and how we work together. I would like us to work together in the spirit of the founders of Europe. This session is not our first experience together. We already have behind us experiences that will enable us to work together in the future, namely our work in the European Convention, which has led to a good draft of the Constitutional Treaty and has deepened our sense of mutual trust. The enlargement of the European Union must also mean a deeper union. An enlarged Europe means a larger political Europe, a more transparent and effective institutional order, a greater role for the European Parliament, greater decision-making with a qualified majority, a single Foreign Minister and greater influence on the part of all its citizens, both men and women. An enlarged Europe also means increased cooperation, open under the same conditions to all members, and not just open to a club operating at different speeds without a constitutional foundation. The European project is not only a matter for professional Europeans. We will succeed if the citizens of the European Union experience it as their own. The key terms of the Convention have been the values, democracy and equality of the Member States, and not any quantitative talk about large and small. We new members do not want to be just additions, we want to be an additional value, the equal co-creators of a united Europe. Let us bring together the experiences of the older Member States and the democratic dynamic of the new ones. The plan of a truly united Europe will succeed if the European countries, or ‘Euroland’, become the foundation of a country of values, or ‘Valueland’ and if, at the same time, the Union becomes a community. The term ‘more Europe’ must mean above all an enhanced Europe in Europe itself. The European project must also be completed in a south-easterly direction. The sources of conflict there must be replaced with a vision for the future, with reconciliation, the respect of all identities, cooperation and a well thought out economic plan."@en1

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