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"Mr President, I would firstly like to acknowledge the work carried out in this House by our fellow Member and fellow-countryman José María Gil-Robles, and his contribution as President of this House during the previous stage, which has made it possible for us to open up the stage we are opening up today: the stage of enlargement and political deepening. I would like to express my gratitude to him, particularly because he was the author, together with Mr Tsatsos, of the report by means of which this House supported the draft European Constitution produced by the Convention in which I had the honour of participating. That draft European Constitution is intended to enable the Union genuinely to confront not just enlargement, but also the great future challenges that we currently face. To intervene in globalisation in order to enhance it democratically and socially, to contribute to creating a new international order which is fair, democratic and respectful of international law, and, naturally, one which responds to the demands of the citizens. We need a stronger, more democratic and more efficient Union which guarantees the consolidation and development of the European social model. A secular Europe which respects the values which have defined the co-existence of our citizens, respect for human rights and the multi-party system. In other words, the rule of law which is today in place throughout this great Europe. Mr President, despite what Mr Rumsfeld suggested, we do not have a new Europe and an old Europe, there is a greater Europe, one which is sitting here today in this Parliament, the Europe of the citizens, the Europe which has broken down its borders, the Europe which has reunified the continent. We must ensure that the European Constitution becomes a reality, and in this regard we must demand once again that the Convention’s draft be approved as soon as possible, during the Irish Presidency at least. As a Spaniard, I am pleased to see that the arrival of a new government in my country is going to make it possible to break the deadlock in the Intergovernmental Conference and the approval of that Constitution, so that all the Community bodies function properly, also ..."@en1

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