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"The Polish socialist, Mrs Grabowska, who spoke earlier, said something very interesting, to the effect that every State needed a constitution. The trouble is, however, that the European Union is not, strictly speaking, a State. The European Union does not, therefore, need a constitution because, contrary to what Mrs Grabowska says, an international organisation does not need a constitution. This is precisely why the League of Nations referred to its founding treaty as ‘the pact’, why the United Nations calls its treaty ‘the Charter’ and why every international organisation has a founding treaty. Whilst the Constitution that you are proposing is being presented, in essence, as a codification of the Treaties, the very fact that it is referred to as the Constitution is ample proof of the direction in which you want to go: you want to move towards establishing a super-State, which will dominate the political, economic, diplomatic and cultural life of all Europeans, down to the last detail, regardless of the decisions taken by freely elected governments. What you are creating is a new Soviet Union, and that is exactly what we do not want."@en1

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