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"Mr President, a constitution is something like an organisation plan for a society, and we urgently need one. I regret to say, though, that the text we have is not worthy of the name. There is no separation of powers, no direct involvement by the citizens, and, as Mr Turmes quite rightly said, there are important elements that we have not dealt with. We do, however, need a constitution, and we need it as a matter of urgency, as it has to be clear that the West must make itself ready for the East, which has now moved into this House. The situation we are in – a very difficult one – is to some degree comparable to that of someone who has a very fine plan with which to build a house. We have Europe the peace project, social and liberal, but not the foundations that will provide a truly stable basis on which it can work. As a European who is responsible to the taxpayer, I cannot but be very worried about the future of this project. We are now obliged to rebuild the European Union from the ground up, with a proper constitution, which must then, in order to enjoy the necessary acceptance, be submitted to the popular vote in every single country. Transparency will also be needed, for there is no democracy without it. The way in which this constitution has been brought into being, and the secretive way in which further negotiations on it are being conducted, does not augur well for the future."@en1

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