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"Mr President, I could not believe my eyes when I looked at this week's agenda; as you said, tomorrow, we will be voting on a request for the application of urgent procedure with regard to the agreement with the United States on passenger data. That has, in fact, been done and dusted; after all, what did we all do in this very Chamber two weeks ago? This House decided then neither to approve nor to reject this agreement before the Court of Justice had ruled on it, because we want to respect the Court's verdict. It does appear, however, that the Council is unwilling to respect Parliament's verdict. COREPER is simply dissatisfied with the democratic vote we have held and wants us to do it again. Irrespective of what we decide, the Council itself will be rubberstamping the agreement as the first item on its agenda on Thursday morning and I have understood that our lawsuit may then be dropped. Although we in this House will need to deliberate on our subsequent plan of action, it seems evident that we will be unable to accept the Council's urgency declaration. We are not little children, and the decision previously taken by this House simply remains standing. Most of the coordinators of the Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs also share this opinion. I would therefore ask you, Mr President, to remove this item from the agenda and not make us look complete fools, because otherwise we will open the floodgates to repeats of each vote whose outcome is not to the Council's liking. It seems to me that we have more than enough to do without having to do everything twice."@en1

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