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"Mr President, I do indeed repudiate all these insinuations and these utterly shabby assertions. Let me repeat that, at this vote too, on being called on to speak as the vote came to an end, what I said was that I had availed myself of my rights as a Member of this House. How that is to be recorded in the Minutes is a matter for Parliament’s administration. I have already told the House what the actual circumstances were. As regards what Mrs Gebhardt has said, I would like to reiterate, for the Minutes, that I have received no summons from the court in question, neither have I had any sort of direct communication from them, and I can only say that I never made the assertions attributed to me by the Press. That being so, I do not find it in the least difficult to refrain from repeating them, as I am in fact acquainted with Mrs Gebhardt’s circumstances, and have never said anything of the sort. All this is part and parcel of a reaction that Members of this House may find understandable, but the public will certainly know what value to attach to it."@en1

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