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"Mr President, on a day like today, with its especially important debates on topics laden with emotion, I very much regret that we have to get back to something as banal as Minutes, but we have among us in this House a self-appointed hero, a courageous representative of the gutter press who is capable of anything. Mr Hans-Peter Martin has now gone so far as to falsify the Minutes of the European Parliament. Although Mr Martin had his voting on the van Hulten report corrected 13 times over, he was not even present for the vote. These 13 instances, right up to the final vote, include no fewer than seven votes by roll call, in which the name of Martin is not to be found anywhere in the Minutes. There were a total of 15 roll call votes on the van Hulten report, and this paragon of rectitude took part in none of them. All that, therefore, now has to be struck out of the Minutes all over again. In no document of this House is there room for deception and forgery. While it is not for me to advise you, Mr President, I find it impossible to refrain from referring to Rule 124 of our Rules of Procedure and to the possibilities afforded by it."@en1

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