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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me also to express the emotion of this moment. We all felt this emotion when, accompanied by the Ode to Joy, our European anthem, we saw the ten new flags hoisted alongside the 15 already flying on the masts in front of Parliament. The emotion of a day on which we are seeing the fulfilment of the ambitions and hopes of so many people who have fought for freedom for so many years. A moment which means overcoming brutal scars, which for too many years have marked an artificial division of our Europe, the division which originated in war, the division which left many European countries separated by this wall of shame, by this completely artificial Iron Curtain, which goes against our very nature, which left all of those countries in a situation of oppression and communist dictatorship. The twenty-first century must overcome the horrors of the twentieth century, and we are overcoming the horrors we have experienced in Europe for good. The twenty-first century is the century which will see Europe burst onto the international stage as a leading player, in the concert of nations. To this end, we must conclude the agreement on the Constitutional Treaty as soon as possible, which would genuinely provide us with the instruments and capacities Europe needs in order to become a reality not only on our continent, but as a principal player on the international stage. That is what we must all achieve together. We are witnessing an historic moment in this Parliament. An historic moment which is a repeat of what we have seen on the television or personally, in some cases, in recent days, on 1 May 2004, which will forever remain a fundamental milestone in Europe’s full recovery. I would like to say to these 162 new Members of Parliament, Mr President, that we in the Commission hope to continue with the cooperation that has taken place over all these years between the two institutions, together with the Council, building this thrilling project which is Europe. A project which ultimately seeks peace and to guarantee freedom, democracy, human rights, human dignity, on our continent, but which also wishes to be a beacon and to support our values, our principles and our aspirations at international level. ) I would like to say that we see the Commission, and we all agree on this, as the true heart of this European project. But this heart beats thanks to the support it receives systematically in this Parliament. This Commission, which has been key to promoting enlargement, this Commission, which throughout these years has been able to promote a cooperative, collaborative and respectful working relationship with Parliament and also with the other essential institution, the Council. Mr President, these are historic days and moments. Days which will remain in our memory, which will be an example for future generations: everybody working as one – Parliament, Council and Commission – for this great project, for this great ambition which is Europe."@en1

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