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"Mr President, the tone of the debate in this House is clear: most of us want to assist the Irish presidency to reach a quick settlement on the Constitution through our political contacts, and with our experience of these questions we can provide both practical and moral support. The scheduling of the work of the IGC is extremely important because, if it is scheduled and programmed properly, pressure will grow on the Member States to take more seriously their collective duty to provide leadership for the European Union. Why not pencil into the calendar an IGC summit meeting before 1 May? The manner in which the new Commission President is chosen will serve as a further way of restoring political faith in Europe. This is a function of the presidency on which the Taoiseach was curiously discreet. How that person is chosen will be a factor in the fight to restore and strengthen the political authority of the Commission. It is not simply a question of finding a single candidate. All the party political groups should find their own champion, and the procedure provided for by the Convention could easily and simply be brought into early use by us all in June and July."@en1

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