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"As they deal with the same subject, the following questions will be taken together: 21, 22 and 23 Question No 23 by Robert Goodwill (): The huge problem of obsolete pesticides in the Ukraine affects health and the environment, and more than 20 000 tonnes spread all over the country at at least 5000 locations need to be tackled urgently. On the basis of the EU Parliament resolution of 23 October on the draft general budget of the EU for the financial year 2004, where paragraph 74 notes the dangers to the environment from POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and in particular obsolete pesticides, and urges the Commission to make the extra effort needed to find sufficient financial funds under the existing instruments for their elimination in Ukraine, is the Commission able to take steps which will lead to an appropriate solution? Question No 21 by Dorette Corbey (): The problem of 20 000 tonnes of obsolete pesticides, spread over more than 5000 locations in Ukraine, need to be tackled with environmentally sound modern technologies, which will need a total budget varying from 60 to 100 million US dollars. Is the Commission able to set up a concrete programme to solve the Ukrainian problem within its existing financial system? Question No 22 by Jan Marinus Wiersma (): The problem of obsolete pesticides aggravates the situation in Ukraine, where 20 000 tonnes are present at more than 5 000 locations, threatening the drinking water and health of the local population. In spite of the adoption of the 6th Environmental Framework in June 2001, containing a specific paragraph on pesticides which includes specific action for the elimination of dangers due to obsolete pesticides, now three and a half years have been passed without any substantial improvement of the situation. Is the Commission able to come forward with a constructive financial solution or instrument for Ukraine?"@en1
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