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"Mr President, let us send a positive message to the citizens, huge numbers of whom have supported the work of the Convention and the draft Constitution it has drawn up: in 2004 – whether one likes it or not – Europe is going to have a Constitution. Otherwise, we would have to face working with a botch-up, like the Treaty of Nice, carrying out enlargement without deepening the Union, under bad conditions, and discussing the financial perspectives in a stifling political atmosphere. In view of its content and the way it has been produced, the Convention’s draft Constitution is good for the citizens and today, following the failure of the Brussels Summit, even those who criticised certain specific aspects of it accept it as a good document. The Convention was a success and the Intergovernmental Conference is a failure. There are certain obvious contributors to the failure of the Brussels Summit and, for me, as a Spaniard, it means a great deal to hear the praise of the Eurosceptics in this House for the President of my country’s government, he of the ‘letter of eight’ and of the last Brussels Summit. The process of producing a Constitution must continue and that European Constitution must be created during 2004. Of course we do not want a Europe of varying speeds, nor pioneering groups. We want a politically united Europe, a Europe which is autonomous in its external actions, a Europe with competencies and resources to resolve the demands of the people and, therefore, we must strongly urge the Irish Presidency to call an Intergovernmental Conference in January in order to consolidate the 95% agreed and to resolve the outstanding issues in a negotiated and appropriate manner. Why not also call the Convention, which has legitimacy? And naturally the European Parliament must play its historical role as a driving force, in this case as the driving force for the European Constitution."@en1

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