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"President, this Friday, 5 December 2003, the parliamentary members of the Convention will meet up again to consider the progress of the Intergovernmental Conference, to speak with Mr Frattini and Mr Giscard d’Estaing, and to make joint proposals to the IGC. The main thrust of our deliberations will be to support the work of the Italian presidency in defending the work of the Convention, but I fully agree with Mr Hänsch that we will fight the notion of clauses on key elements of the package. Procrastination will not make tricky decisions simpler to solve: the time to act decisively is now. Nor will we approve proposals to inflate the size and distort the shape of the Commission - or indeed this Parliament - to avoid concessions to the self-esteem of Member States. Such ploys do not contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of those authorities, and to ignore the settled will of this Parliament is certain to jeopardise the prospects of the new settlement being brought into force. It will sour the political atmosphere and wound the democratic legitimacy of the Union. The Presidents of the Council and of the Commission should be absolutely clear that the IGC cannot take our consent for granted."@en1

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