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"Mr President, I agree with the Commission’s proposal and Mrs Napoletano’s report. As I understand it, it is a question of recognising that enlargement is not, cannot be and will not be the Union’s only instrument for structuring Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region. That is the issue. Enlargement will have a limit. Twelve new countries are going to join; we also have Turkey and others will join in the future. Once that limit has been reached, we must not be able to say that we lack the political, economic, security, cultural or human instruments to structure Europe. In other words, we are giving shape to a more extensive architecture which complements the instrument of enlargement and which also requires the deepening which the Constitution we are currently dealing with represents. If we do not create these new policies of good neighbourly relations, we would be falling short and, at the end of the day, we are taking up proposals made by people with a profound knowledge of the European situation, whom I naturally support."@en1

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