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"Mr President, thank you for stealing one of the points I was just about to make. I thank you for your fight to save parliamentary prerogatives in the matter of the financial system. On a personal note, I am most grateful for Mrs Berès' moral support. However, the Conference of Presidents has made a decision, which I accept, and I offer my full support to Mr Brok, whose work and qualities we know. The Council presidency has confirmed its intention of presenting a global compromise before the 'conclave' meeting in Naples. One hopes that this is a wise decision. Experience would suggest that it is not at the level of foreign ministers, still less officials, that the final deal will be cut. The great patriotic questions that so obsess some of our Member States, such as a percentage point here or there on their voting weights in the Council, can only be resolved at 4 a.m. on Sunday, 14 December, by the top guys. What the foreign ministers appear to be clever at is unpicking the essential ingredients of the Convention's proposals. Yesterday several of them challenged the famous clause, which permits the steady development of the Constitution and of a decrease in the number of exceptional, non-normal decision-making procedures. But there have been many previous examples of this approach in previous and existing Treaties. Therefore, their consolidation into a single general clause is clear, simple and straightforward. The presidency is quite right in standing firm on this issue and the issue of the Foreign Minister and defending the proposals from the Convention. It knows that the European Parliament is right behind it. We also support the efforts of the presidency to open up the issue of the future revision clause. However, there can be no trade-off between the two, the clause and the softer revision procedures needed for a Constitution to work well and fluently in practice."@en1

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