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"Mr President, we are grateful that the Secretary of State made a report on the first session of the IGC. I have to say that, like Mr BarĂ³n Crespo, I greatly regret the suppression of the notion of the Legislative Council, a decision which will not foster the separation of powers within the European Union. The more serious problem appears to be caused by Spain and Poland, on the grounds that they are to lose the blocking minority they enjoy beneath the Treaty of Nice. I have to say that these are spurious grounds for complaint. The facts are that Spain and Poland need several more partners to join with them to reach the 38% of the population needed to block a decision. The Convention proposes to lower the QMV threshold from 62% to 60%: a mere 9 million people. This is at best a marginal question of bruised self-esteem for Spain and Poland. On Thursday, I trust the true friends of Spain and Poland will explain to Mr Aznar and Mr Miller that they should drop their complaint and assist the IGC in reaching a speedy political agreement to respect the first and second parts of the Constitution. The IGC will then be free to proceed to refurbish and modernise Part III, which is its proper responsibility."@en1

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