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"Romania wants to be part of a Europe united in building its future and capable of standing strong in the face of the many challenges that the 21st century will bring. The Europe that we can help build will not only be a larger one, but also a better one, a social Europe strengthened by its new European Constitution. Its strength will stem from the trust and conviction of its citizens that they are truly represented and involved in the greater project of Europe. The EU must first and foremost be meaningful to its citizens. I believe in the strength of an enlarged Europe. With the conclusion of the fifth phase of enlargement in 2007, when we are confident that Romania will become a Member State, the European Union will have completed a first virtuous circle of progress and reunification. Romania belongs to Europe and whatever it does stems from its desire to confirm its European identity. We know this is not an easy thing to do. We need to work harder and more earnestly to fulfil the commitments we have undertaken in order to consolidate your trust - as our European partners - in our ability to monitor complex processes, such as the reforms required for our accession to the European Union, and we need to take action and behave like genuine Europeans. Now nobody and nothing can question Romania's European future any more. We possess both the ability and the willingness that are needed to complete the structural transformation of the Romanian economy and society, in order to become compatible with the exigences of the European Union and, in this way, to enhance the welfare of Romania's citizens."@en1

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