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"Mr President, most of us who served inside the Convention were astonished at its great success and, without suspending our critical faculties, Mr Prodi, we achieved a sophisticated and comprehensive package, which must now be defended from the assaults of those – some British, unfortunately – who wish to diminish the European Union. Especially at risk is the clause to qualified majority voting and the provisions on security and defence. A single package forged through consensus was the optimum solution possible at the present phase of integration. If the compromise is unpicked something distinctly sub-optimal will result. Nice II will be much worse than Constitution I. If the IGC were to begin to unpick the Convention's proposal it would also subvert the very concept of the Convention itself, which is a major breakthrough for constitutional law and parliamentary democracy in Europe. The IGC can focus its work where we failed to achieve a consensus – especially regarding Part IV. I agree with Mr Prodi that it is essential that we have softer revision procedures where a shift in competences is not involved. We also require a sensible plan should the entry-into-force provisions be frustrated by accident or by design. In Part III several policy chapters – notably the common agricultural policy – can and should be polished and refurbished. All this is possible if the transparent and pluralistic spirit of the Convention is carried forward to the IGC. I know that this Parliament stands ready to play its full part. Lastly, Mr Giscard d'Estaing, I would congratulate you on your excellent work on the future of Europe. Thank you very much."@en1

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