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"The situation in northern Uganda has been appalling for years. Does the Ugandan Government’s failure to exercise any military power result from unwillingness, from powerlessness or from both? In any event, the Ugandan troops that are currently stationed in Congo must move to that region, because they only have other intentions in Congo. There is total anarchy in northern Uganda, and the ‘Lord's Army’ does everything that God forbids. It is inconceivable that these incredible villains can continue to descend on schools and kidnap women and children in order to turn them into sex slaves or forced soldiers. Prisoners are forced to kill or torture one another if they try to escape. For far too long now, the international community has been standing idly by; the atrocities simply carry on without hindrance. The African Union is losing face by doing nothing, and it is high time that the Security Council got involved. Sudan has announced it will no longer provide aid to the ‘Lord's Army’, but my group is not at all convinced that Sudan will keep its word. To top it all, the threat of war with Rwanda hangs over the region. How does the Commission assess this threat of war? In addition, there is the question of what the European Union is prepared to do to protect the population there and provide humanitarian aid. It is high time that the appalling rule of the ‘Lord's Army’ was brought to an end."@en1

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