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"Cambodia has a horrifying and violent past. The Cambodian people deserve a peaceful future. This is why it is of great importance that the forthcoming elections should proceed in a fair and peaceful manner. Moreover, the mass slaughterers should not escape their sentences. My group has concerns on both counts. We are receiving many reports on atrocities being committed in connection with the elections. The Cambodian People's Party is omnipresent and the authorities go out of their way to intimidate the people, particularly at local level. It seems that they can do this undisturbed and unpunished. The electronic media are also in the hands of Prime Minister Hun Sen's party. My group is particularly anxious that Sam Rainsy's party will not be given a fair chance as a result. Given his great courage and his merits in respect of a democratic Cambodia, Sam Rainsy deserves the Sakharov prize. The human rights situation is still bad. It is also regrettable indeed that, despite considerable amounts of European aid, economic and social development is stagnating. We are in favour of linking this aid to progress in the field of pluralism, human rights and free elections. After all, democratisation and prosperity cannot be seen in isolation from one another. We have to put the past behind us by doing now what is necessary to ensure a rich future for the poor Cambodian people."@en1

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