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"Mr President, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express to the House our sadness at the news that a young Spanish aid worker, a 22–year-old from Toledo, Ana Isabel Sánchez Torralba, was killed last night in Equatorial Guinea. According to the news, she has clearly been the victim of shots from soldiers of that regime who, in an unjustifiable and criminal action, opened fire on a civilian vehicle which had just crossed a military checkpoint. Mr President, I believe we are looking at an action which demonstrates the behaviour of forces of law and order which are accustomed to maltreating and attacking citizens. We will undoubtedly ask the corresponding questions, but I would like, as well as expressing our indignation, condemnation and condolences, to say that I believe the Council of the Union must take whatever measures are necessary to demand responsibilities, clarity and justice from this dictatorship which contains these elements capable of murdering this truly exceptional young woman."@en1

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