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"Mr President, firstly I would like to pay tribute to Mr Katiforis for his work for the Greek Presidency within the Convention. The European Council was quite right to resist the temptation to deconstruct the Convention's work. The result would certainly be greatly inferior. As far as the revision of Part III is concerned, I am prepared to turn myself into a technician, pure or not, for the final phase of the work. I quite agree with President Prodi that it is vital to extend the scope of qualified-majority voting as far as we can if the Council is in the future to be able to enjoy the capacity to take decisions. But what about Part IV concerning the revision and the entry-into-force procedures? The European Council was completely silent upon this point. Was it brought up and, if so, what was said? Would Mr Simitis agree with me that unless we can modify the future revision procedures we will be forever trapped in the dual lock of unanimity plus national ratification procedures – frequently protracted and problematical? Surely it is desirable that the Union avoids putting itself inside such a straitjacket. We must find a sufficiently flexible form of modifying the Constitutional settlement if we are to be able to move with the changing circumstances we will face in the years to come."@en1

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