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"Mr President, I had no idea that I had that effect on microphones! I would like to congratulate the rapporteur for his work. I would also like to congratulate the Council for having finally seen sense, assisted, it must be said, by the introduction of qualified majority voting. There are great lessons there for us in the Convention and in the IGC. The Council has finally moved to a common position which the large majority of Liberals are able to accept fully. The first draft sought – absurdly – to outlaw political party campaigning with public money. What on earth are political parties for if they are not for campaigning? The new draft, however, has corrected this and is allowing sufficient possibility for political parties to receive modest private donations. The question of the threshold is settled quite reasonably in favour of small political movements with real and serious European objectives. Certain other officious bureaucratic provisions have been removed. This is good news for parliamentary democracy in Europe. Trans-national political parties are a vital sinew of democracy, articulating the anxieties and the aspirations of the citizen on a European scale. The constitutionalisation process in which the Union is presently involved requires the engagement of mature European political parties. This report is a breakthrough and should be supported by all those who wish this institution well and who subscribe to the principles of transparency and accountability."@en1

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