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"Mr President, if Hamas can continue to obstruct the Roadmap with violence, there will never be any peace. The terror organisation rejects the two-State concept and wants to turn Israel into an Islamic state. The spiral of violence will never stop if Israel continues to be provoked by the attacks. The unlawful killing of leaders is, of course, an empty exercise if these are simply replaced. An international military force must be set up as soon as possible, preferably after a file agreement, but if the latter does not materialise, we will have to make do without one. Hamas should then be eliminated by an international military force, if possible in conjunction with NATO, so involving both European and Americans. At the same time, all Hamas’s financial lines need to be severed. Israel and the Palestinians are thoroughly weary of the violence and misery. Finally, under international pressure, a solution is gradually manifesting itself. This is why the road must be blocked to anyone who is intent on more bloodbaths and no peace. Their Roadmap is one to hell."@en1

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