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"Mr President, you said in your opening remarks that the package that we have symbolises a radical improvement upon the present system. That is true, but it does more than that. Mr Straw and Mr Hain are profoundly wrong. It is a settlement that entrenches what is truly important, it discards what is not, and strengthens the capacity of the Union to act effectively abroad and inside the Member States. It ensures that the citizen will not be abused from the greater power that is to be exercised at the federal level. The European Council should accept the proposals, without qualification, as the basis for an agreement at the IGC. At Thessaloniki we should not see this pirouetting around a convoluted formula designed to deceive. Were the IGC to seek to open up the package, it is certain that the results will be inferior. What the 15 were unable to agree at Nice will certainly be impossible for 25 to agree at the future IGC. The leaders at Thessaloniki must listen to the voice of consensus as expressed through the Convention and through this Parliament, and build the future of Europe with courage."@en1

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