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"I would urge you not to let a reunified Europe become divided over Atlantic unity. Commissioner Patten is right. The most pressing world problems cannot, and should not, be solved by the United States alone. Whether these problems concern weapons of mass destruction, human rights, poverty, religious conflicts or lack of democracy, it is vitally important for America and Europe to join forces. Europeans must join Bush in showing the West's neo-progressive face to the world. The European Union can be Washington's fully-fledged partner only if it acts like one. If the French-German axis turns away from Washington, while the British-Polish axis moves towards Bush, we will end up not making any headway at all. We must put the trauma of Iraq to one side and, as the European Union, draft a joint global strategy with the United States. Two strategies are too many, and there is no room for either inflated national egos or conservative ideological agendas. Let us now reunite Europe and America using a pragmatic approach, in other words the D'66 approach."@en1

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