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"Mr President, after all the misery they have endured, the liberated Iraqi people are now falling victim as we debate who is allowed to help them. Does the reconstruction have to remain in the hands of the Americans with a supporting role for the UN or will it be a truly international enterprise? Bush and Blair of course are disinclined to give the members of the anti-war coalition a leading role and to allow them to benefit from juicy reconstruction contracts. But only the UN can end the sanctions and in particular open the door to substantial international contributions and judge with authority whether the new Iraqi Government is truly representative. It is very important that the oil revenues should benefit the Iraqi people rather than ending up in the pockets of the President’s Texan friends. Commissioner Nielson appears to share my fear in this regard. Can he explain his statement that America is well on the way to becoming a member of OPEC? The European Union can and must make a humanitarian contribution, a very important one in fact: special attention to women and children, but also to the construction of a democratic constitutional state. If we keep arguing about the role of the EU and the UN, in the end there will only be one victim and that is the Iraqi people."@en1

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