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"Mr President, Mr Baker has made a number of modifications to the initial peace plan. I feel it is important for the Council not to view this as set in stone. Rather, it should endeavour to ensure that the plan evolves in line with United Nations resolutions providing for the population to vote in a referendum on self-determination for Western Sahara. I would like to reiterate the question I posed. I asked whether the conflict in Western Sahara is now officially on the Council’s foreign policy agenda. If so, how high is it on the agenda? Is the High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy taking any action in this regard? Is the Presidency of the Council? Does the Council know whether the Commission is taking any such action? Is the Council aware that the Kingdom of Morocco prevented a delegation that was to have testified on the violation of human rights in Western Sahara from attending a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva? If so, what is the Council’s reaction?"@en1

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