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"The current European leaders only want to speak with one voice when it comes out of their own mouths. The common foreign and security policy is evidently not important enough to make concessions for it. As long as the renationalisation of foreign policy continues in the European Union, common defence will remain up in the air like a rudderless bomber with bickering pilots. Both the extremely stretched British loyalty to Washington and continuing French anti-Americanism are a poor guide for European policy. We must be absolutely sure to prevent an enlarged Union breaking up into pro and anti-American camps. Good Atlantic relations are of fundamental importance for Europe, for America and also for the rest of the world. If the United States can impose their this is partly the fault of the current European leaders. As long as they blatantly adhere to what they feel is right and invest too little Europe as a whole in defence, we are condemned to a supporting role on the world stage. The European Union must certainly be capable of acting militarily on its own continent, preferably in a NATO context, but if it must independently too. The telescoping and strengthening of military resources lays a foundation for a common and strong security policy. The development of a European strategic concept with the emphasis on crisis prevention is a splendid objective. Something will only come of it if European leaders speak exclusively with one voice. Otherwise they will do better to remain silent."@en1

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