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"Mr President, Mr Bourlanges should be congratulated on having drafted a good report on an extraordinarily complex set of questions. It is a report which will be of great interest to the Convention, which is itself studying these questions. The primary achievements are: firstly, to make a clearer distinction between legislative and executive acts; secondly, to rationalise the choice of the instruments available so that force will more clearly follow form and, thirdly, to bring in a clearer class of subordinate legislation which should contribute not only to the quality of primary legislation but also to the parliamentary scrutiny of what is passed. My main amendment on behalf of my group seeks to insist upon a separate amendment procedure for the second part of the Constitutional Treaty. It is essential that the policy chapters are susceptible to a softer form of revision than the existing unanimity, plus national ratification in all Member States. If we fail to bring in such a softer procedure, it may never be possible to alter the political chapters. If the Union insists on the same procedure for the first and second parts, what is the point of splitting the Treaty in the first place? The PPE-DE and PSE Groups used to support the lighter procedure and I trust that their spokesmen will be able to enlighten us as to why they now seem to have changed their minds."@en1

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