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"Mr President, it has already become evident here that three groups have proposed a joint motion for a resolution, and, in my opinion, it is very important that the Group of the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party, the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left and the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance have now united in a common campaign, because it is time we obtained some concrete results. We want a statute to be achieved and all these matters that annoy our citizens so much to be resolved. We cannot approve of a statute that contains possible elements in the form of concealed pay. We want all the money paid to us in the form of salary and expenses to be as transparent as possible and justifiable in the eyes of the public. Neither can we agree to any privileges for ourselves that we cannot extend to our citizens. As my colleague, Mr Lehne, attacked the Chairmen of the three groups here, I might remark that both the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats and the Group of the Party of European Socialists have themselves provided the reason why the three groups have had to form an alliance. The means the two largest groups have employed to prevent you, Mr President, from holding discussions with the Council have been totally unacceptable. On behalf of my own group, I want to thank you for the efforts you have made, and I believe that you have already achieved more with regard to this statute issue than your predecessor did throughout her entire term. In the letter you sent us you have stated that, given certain preconditions, we really do have the chance now to achieve a solution and we must accept that matters regarding Members’ immunity, for example, will have to be resolved in another context. Tomorrow everyone can decide which side they are on. If we want a statute we must continue to explore the various possibilities in the way begun by the President, and in this manner we will at last remove this issue from the agenda."@en1

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