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"Mr President, Copenhagen has been the place of many controversial summits but none will be more so than next week when the camel of enlargement approaches the eye of the needle of European domestic politics. We know that enlargement will make us more multi-cultural and more competitive. The central question is: will it also make us more democratic? Many of the answers to that question are being teased out inside the Convention, but it is certainly up to the European Council and not the president, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, to decide just how far and how fast Member States are prepared to project the Union's experience in parliamentary democracy to the east and the south. I trust that the European Council and the Commission will be generous to Turkey in this respect. We should throw ourselves behind the process of regime change which is taking place in Turkey. There would be no stronger way of expressing support for Turkey's reformers than offering a schedule for the opening of the accession negotiations but only on the condition that the Turkish Cypriots were brought to accept the Annan proposals for a federated settlement of the problem of Cyprus. It will certainly be far more possible for them to accept a UN settlement should there be a firm prospect of membership for motherland Turkey itself. They frankly require the assurance of our settled intentions concerning our future partnership with Turkey and I know that the presidency will do all that it can to achieve this great breakthrough that is in its grasp."@en1

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