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"Mr President, this motion is about three points. Firstly, it is about a man who is threatened with death and whom we must rescue. Secondly, it is about a Dr Aghajari who, in the opinion of many prominent Muslims, is defending true Islam, this great world religion, from political abuse by the extremist forces that are in power in Iran. And thirdly it is about the fate of Iran itself, because in Iran we are now seeing a power struggle between reformers on the one hand, who want gradually to open up this regime, like President Khatami and the aforementioned Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, and darker characters on the other hand whom to compare with the Middle Ages – I should like to make this clear – is an insult to the Middle Ages. These are forces that are unfortunately adherents to a modern, totalitarian form of extremism and that are abusing the great world religion of Islam for their own suppressive and criminal ends. In this context, allow me to say a final word to Mr Markov. Mr Markov, I have expressed criticism of the weakness of the West and of the repression practised by a regime myself in the past, when the SED was still in power in East Berlin, and I have to say that you yourself would have described the words that you have just used as a throwback to the cold war. At that time I certainly thought that democrats should be uncompromising where totalitarian forces were concerned. That was true then, it is true today and it will also be true in the future!"@en1

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