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"Mr President, this debate on Sudan has had a successful outcome even before it has begun. The invitation to the EU/ACP Assembly has, in the meantime, been withdrawn. It is detrimental to cooperation in the spirit of Cotonou that the proposal of Sudan was adopted by the ACP states. Did these states really think that we could hold an Assembly in a country where there are still constant and large-scale breaches of human rights? In a country in which women and children are kidnapped and enslaved? In a country in which the people in the south could be scourged by bombing for years on end and where Western oil companies looked after the interests of their shareholders while turning a blind eye to the victims of the slaughter? There now, fortunately, appears to be a truce, but how long will it hold? There can be collaboration with the European Union only when there is a lasting peace and when the government restores all freedoms and puts an end to all the abominable injustices. Only then will anything durable come of debates such as this one today."@en1

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