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"Mr President, I wish to return to a subject I raised in the debates yesterday. In fact Vice-President Imbeni advised me to mention it again now while we are voting on Mr Brok’s report. I should like to draw my fellow Members’ attention to the fact that we are also voting on Parliament’s right to obtain the approval of Parliament’s Bureau regarding internal security measures, in connection with the agreement on secret security policy documents. There are some very problematic points in these security measures. For example, the national security services must find that Members of Parliament involved in examining secret documents are trustworthy. Mr President, as you are personally responsible for these arrangements, I should like to ask why no debate was organised in Parliament on these security measures in connection with Mr Brok’s report and how it is intended to organise this sort of check. In my opinion it is something of a scandal that we are attempting to vote on this without any kind of debate, on the quiet, as it were."@en1

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