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"In order to minimise human suffering and enhance our own credibility, we need to introduce one more correction to the external relations budget. It remains extremely regrettable that we are still more than EUR 3 million short on the landmine issue. Funds for this cause have already been cut back worldwide. The European Union should not take part in this trend. Some 50 people, mainly women and children, are still affected every day. An enormous amount of money is still required, particularly for the aftercare of the victims and the relatives. Moreover, we as Parliament must also meet the commitments entered into in 2001. We are now incurring payment arrears while the EU has proven that it can make an effective contribution specifically in this field. This is why the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Security and Defence Policy has re-tabled my amendment. Our Parliament should recognise that the banning of landmines must also involve non-state players. Parliament is adopting a consistent stance by endorsing the amendment. A slight increase in the funds will result in a considerable reduction in the number of people suffering."@en1

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