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". – Mr President, firstly I should like to thank all those who have spoken, and especially those who agreed with the report. I also strongly congratulate Commissioner Vitorino for successfully brokering an agreement in his working group on the technical and semantic problems which have confronted some representatives of Member States. On the question of the preamble, I quite agree and I will accept Amendment 7. To my Eurosceptic friends, I say that this is not some subversive plot. The Charter carries great authority and legitimacy. What it lacks is clarity and legal certainty. It is precisely to ensure that we can improve the position as regards certainty and clarity that we are seeking its incorporation. We are not being shamefully silent, as Mr Crowley said, on the impact on national law. The charter primarily concerns the competences of the European Union and the powers of the Union authorities. Finally, can I say that Lord Stockton and I find ourselves in appropriate political parties in Great Britain."@en1

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