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"Mr President, are we going to support a country that pursues barbaric practices? Now we are faced with the drama of Mrs Lawal. More and more states within Nigeria are introducing Sharia law. The political climate is often so influenced by Islam that politicians only have a chance in elections if they support this legislation. Barbaric ancient desert practices such as stoning women or hacking off limbs are naturally at odds with the most fundamental human rights. The much-discussed clash of civilisations, cultures or faiths can only be prevented if the strict Sharia law is abolished everywhere. Nigeria is a very fragile and unstable democracy. The European Union supports the democratisation process there, and with good reason. However, it can only continue to do so if the federal government does everything in its constitutional power to stop barbaric punishments from being administered. If they fail to do so, the support we recently promised must be reconsidered. Development aid and support for good government makes little sense if the recipients of this aid persist with their barbaric practices."@en1

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